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Dec 21 11

Metatrader 4 and the disappearing tool bars – SOLVED

by admin

Symptom: Toolbars are not visible after restarting MT4.

Manually activating each toolbar via the menu options VIEW / TOOLBARS will bring back the tool-bars but does not save them when MT4 is restarted.

In the past we have simply re-installed Metatrader but there is a much easier way to solve this issue.

Fix1: Press F11 just to check you haven’t accidentally switched to Full Screen mode.


  1. Go to the Metatrader installation directory and click on the CONFIG directory.
  2. Rename the file TERMINAL.INI to TERMINAL.OLD
  3. Restart Metatrader
  4. On restart Metatrader creates a new TERMINAL.INI file
  5. You may need to close down the navigation pane / terminal window etc to get MT4 looking how you like it but all your charts remain intact and the disappearing tool-bar issue will be solved.
Hope this helps.
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