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How to set up email alerts in Metatrader

by Brogue Trader on February 11th, 2011

Feedback indicates that this is an area many people find frustrating.

The bottom line is that the email client in Metatrader does not support SSL; therefore you need an SMTP provider that can send email without SSL.

Without some advanced jiggery pokery, email providers such as Gmail & Hotmail will not work. There are a coupe of quirky ideas that get around this but for the time and effort involved you may as well use this simple solution.

[As an alternative you can email via your own domain (if you have one) or one of the SMTP providers such as SMTP2Go who specifically target Metatrader users.]


The free email provider “GMX” works well, assuming you have the right settings which can be found below. You sign up for a free email account with GMX and use that account to send emails from Metatrader to your normal email account.

[ 8th March 2011 Update – also works. For their server details click here. ]

1. Sign up for a free GMX email account here    (Note: Brogue Traders is not affiliated with GMX).

2. In Metatrader:

Go to TOOLS / OPTIONS, (or CTRL O) and select the “email” tab

Make sure “Enable” is ticked

SMTP server:

SMTP login:

SMTP password:your GMX password


To:                The email address you would like the alert sending to

Example Metatrader Email Settings

3.  IMPORTANT:- Before pressing “Test”, RESTART METATRADER. If you don’t, you will get any number of weird and wonderful error messages, most of which will not occur if you restart Metatrader first.

4.  Go back to TOOLS / OPTIONS, (or CTRL O) and select the “email” tab

Press the “Test” button

You should receive a pop up message stating “Message was successfully queued! Look at journal for more information”

Close the pop up and Options windows and go to the Terminal Screen (CTL-T or  View / Terminal or Terminal icon).

Under the “Journal” tab you should see an entry: “Mail:’Test message’ has been sent”

5.  Finally check the email inbox for the address you entered in the “To” field earlier to make sure you have received the test email.

That’s it. You can now activate the email alerts and messages from within your various indicators and expert advisors.



“Track the footprints, determine the intent, trade the follow through”

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  1. Krys permalink

    It Works ! ! ! Thank you guys so much !

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  2. Deepak permalink

    Thanks for kind info

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  3. Irshaad permalink

    Thanks very much.It works.Its great!!

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